December 12, 2016

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In response to Trump’s recent pick for Secretary of State, here’s Frontline’s 2012 “Climate of Doubt” documentary.

“Climate of Doubt” Frontline


“Trump’s Transition Team is Dirty, and It’s Dark”,George Zornick, The Nation

“This array of big special-interest operatives and lobbyists who are now engaged in this transition in these exact places where their conflict of interest is most acute.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse told reporters
“Disinformation, Not Fake News, Got Trump Elected, and It Is Not Stopping”, Robert Mackey, The Intercept

As with many other false stories about Clinton that have widely spread online — like the baseless rumor promoted by Infowars and then Trump that millions of non-citizens illegally voted for her, and were encouraged to do so by President Obama — this should be described as what it is: disinformation, or the sort of “black propaganda” intelligence agencies have fabricated in decades past to smear politicians they see as enemies.

“The Blindspots of Liberalism”, Adam Fisher, Jacobin

“What an impoverished small town tells us about the dangers of not taking class seriously”
“Liberté, Egalité, Féminisme?” Mayanthi Fernando, Dissent

The specter of “home-grown jihadism” has dominated discussions of French Islam. While many simply blame Muslims and Islam for terrorism and call for more repressive tactics in the name of security, some on the left have, for pragmatic reasons, begun to take seriously the factors that create the context for jihadism, such as socioeconomic marginalization and racism against French Muslims. Surprisingly little credence on any side, however, has been given to new political movements, led by French Muslims, that are challenging the French racism and Islamophobia that can provide fertile ground for jihadism. And despite the widespread perception of Islam as oppressive to women, it is Muslim women who are playing a prominent role in these new movements.
“Noam Chomsky & Harry Belafonte in Conversation on Trump Sanders, the KKK, Rebellious Hearts & More”, Democracy Now!
These two GIANTS are interviewed together for the first time. They’re not going to be around much longer and I think what they have to say ought to be heard.

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