December 21, 2016

This is the post excerpt


Merry Christmas!!
“Ultimate Christmas”,  Mormon Tabernacle Choir

“North Carolina’s Legislative Coup Shows What Voter Suppression Will Look Like Under Trump”, Ari Berman, The Nation

“Republicans have turned North Carolina into a laboratory for subverting Democracy”

This is sort of thing is what Bernie warned about as his worst case scenario for a Trump administration.

“Assaults on Muslim Women Force Some to Rethink Hijab”, Yonat Shimron, Sojourners

Melissa Grajek was subjected to all kinds of taunts for wearing the hijab, but an incident at San Marcos’ (Calif.) Discovery Lake sealed the deal.

Her 1-year-old son was playing with another boy when an irate father saw her and whisked his son away, telling Grajek: “I can’t wait until Trump is president, because he’ll send you back to where you came from.”


“What I had to tell my daughter about the America of her black classmates” — Sarah Kendzior, The Correspondent

For centuries, black Americans have been systematically brutalized. Now that we have video evidence — going viral — you would expect things to change. But even video cannot open the eyes of those who refuse to see.


“Let Them Eat Privilege”, Connor Kilpatrick, Jacobin

By forcing the middle class to divert their attention downward (and within) instead of at the real power players above, Vox and Giridharadas are playing into the Right’s hands. It’s an attempt to shame the middle class — those with some wealth but, relative to the top one or one-tenth of one percent, mere crumbs — to make them shut up about the rich and super rich and, instead, look at those below as a reminder that it could all be much worse.

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