February 25, 2017

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 “When I Felt Like a Woman“, Rachel Siemens, Man Repeller

An old friend from Idaho, now living in Portland, writing about her experience in Chicago, had an essay on her experience with potent, defeating sexism posted to the online magazine Man Repeller. It is both powerful and awful. The first paragraph:

Modern womanhood as it is often depicted in the media — careers before marriage, IUDs for all, the triumphant call to arms regarding female nipple exposure — has lacked any semblance to my own experience. Perhaps this is because the landscape of my transformation took place beneath the bare-bulbed glare of Corporate America. And there, women are treated as burdens.

Top Stories

Truth to Power: Fifty years ago today, Noam Chomsky published his landmark antiwar essay, “The Responsibility of Intellectuals.“, Daniel Geary, Jacobin

In “The Responsibility of Intellectuals,” Chomsky’s main target is not policymakers but intellectual apologists for America’s Vietnam policy such as the liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Chomsky criticizes Schlesinger and others for opposing the war for the wrong reason: not because it was morally abhorrent but because it was simply a mistake, a war the United States could not win at an acceptable cost. To Chomsky, Schlesinger and others pretended to be hard-headed realists in analyzing world politics but took it as an “article of faith that American motives are pure and not subject to analysis.” Two years later, in his first and best book, American Power and the New Mandarins, Chomsky would label these intellectuals the “new mandarins” because of their subservience to state power.

The Responsibility of Intellectuals“, Noam Chomsky, The New York Review of Books

Let me finally return to Dwight Macdonald and the responsibility of intellectuals. Macdonald quotes an interview with a death-camp paymaster who burst into tears when told that the Russians would hang him. “Why should they? What have I done?” he asked. Macdonald concludes: “Only those who are willing to resist authority themselves when it conflicts too intolerably with their personal moral code, only they have the right to condemn the death-camp paymaster.” The question, “What have I done?” is one that we may well ask ourselves, as we read each day of fresh atrocities in Vietnam—as we create, or mouth, or tolerate the deceptions that will be used to justify the next defense of freedom.

Weekly Update

Another Indigenous Leader Assassinated in Honduras“, teleSUR

Sevilla, who was also a teacher, was attacked and in his home early Friday morning by five heavily armed men, according to local media.

Mayor Rodriguez said that while no motive or suspects have yet been identified, police have launched a full investigation.

Same-sex marriage laws helped reduce suicie attempts by gay, lesbian and bisexual teens, study says“, Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times

In short, the research suggests, the effect of state marriage equality laws passed between 1999 and 2015 extended far beyond gay men and lesbians intent on marrying: For high schoolers coming to terms with their “sexual minority” status, their state’s adoption of a marriage equality law appeared to ease a stigma that drives many to consider suicide

Bodies of 74 Migrants Wash Ashore in Libya“, Don Melvin, NBC News

Migrant deaths have risen to record levels on the Libya-to-Italy smuggling route across the Mediterranean Sea. They generally attempt the crossing in flimsy inflatable craft loaded with small amounts of fuel which are intended to get them only as far as European rescue vessels stationed in international waters.

Libyan coast guard spokesman Ayoub Gassim said more than 500 migrants were rescued at sea on Friday and Saturday. The migrants’ boats were 5-7 miles from the coast of Libya.

1.4 million children could die from famine this year, says UNICEF“, hindustantimes

Almost 1.4 million children suffering from severe malnutrition could die this year from famine in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, the UN children’s agency said Monday.

Odd and Ends

SOCIOLOGY – Alexis De Tocqueville” Alain de Botton, The School of Life

Alexis de Tocqueville was a 19th century French aristocrat with some crucial things to tell us about strengths and weaknesses of that once-new and now widespread political system: democracy.

“Nina Tuner on whether the Dems can be saved, Melissa Byrne on why she’s running for #DNCViceChair”, Katie Halper, The Katie Halper Show

“[No Music] How to make Pad Thai”, Peaceful Cuisine

I have recently discovered this youtube channel of dialog-free cooking videos. Beautifully shot and excellent sound design, I find these videos to be very relaxing and I’ve been enticed to try the kimchi recipe this week. Some of the videos have music, but I much prefer the [no music] set. Here’s his video on pad thai:

Nations (Additions in BOLD)
Rachael and I have embarked on a years-long ambition to memorize all the nations and capitals. I’m adding 10-15 each week and posting it here so you can join us and/or help us by throwing us a pop quiz from time to time!

South America
Argentina — Buenos Aires
Bolivia — La Paz
Brazil — Brasilia
Chile — Santiago
Colombia — Bogota
Ecuador — Quito
French Guiana — Cayenne
Guyana — Georgetown
Paraguay — Asuncion
Peru — Lima
Suriname — Paramaribo
Uruguay — Montevideo
Venezuela — Caracas

North America
Belize — Belmopan
Canada — Ottawa
Costa Rica — San Jose
Cuba — Havana
Dominican Republic — Santo Domingo
El Salvador — San Salvador
Guatemala — Guatemala City
Haiti — Port-au-Prince
Honduras — Tegucigalpa
Jamaica — Kingston
Mexico — Mexico DF
Nicaragua — Managua
Panama — Panama City
Puerto Rico — San Juan

Belarus — Minsk
Bulgaria — Sofia
Czech Republic — Prague
Hungary — Budapest
Moldova — Chisinau
Poland — Warsaw
Romania — Bucharest
Russia — Moscow
Slovakia — Bratislava
Ukraine — Kiev
Albania — Tirana
Bosnia and Herzegovina — Sarajevo
Croatia — Zagreb
Cyprus — Nicosia
Estonia — Tallinn
Latvia — Riga
Lithuania — Vilnius
Macedonia — Skopje
Montenegro — Podgorica
Serbia — Belgrade
Slovenia — Ljubljana
Turkey — Ankara
Belgium — Brussels
Denmark — Copenhagen
Finland — Helsinki
Austria — Vienna
Greece — Athens
Kosovo — Pristina
Netherlands — Amsterdam
Norway — Oslo
Sweden — Stockholm
Andorra — Andorra la Vella
Malta — Valetta
Monaco — Monaco
Switzerland — Bern
UK — London
France — Paris
Germany — Berlin
Iceland — Reykjavik
Ireland — Dublin
Italy — Rome
Liechtenstein — Vaduz
Luxembourg — Luxembourg
Portugal — Lisbon
San Marino — San Marino
Spain — Madrid
Vatican City — Vatican City


Morocco — Rabat
Algeria — Algiers
Tunisia — Tunis
Libya — Tripoli
Egypt — Cairo
Mauritania — Nouakchott
Mali — Bamako
Niger — Niamey
Chad — N’Djamena
Sudan — Khartoum
South Sudan — Juba
Eritrea — Asmara
Djibouti — Djibouti
Senegal — Dakar
Gambia — Banjul
Guinea-Bissau — Bissau
Guinea — Conakry
Sierra Leone — Freetown
Liberia — Monrovia
Cote D’Ivoire — Yamoussoukro
Burkina Faso — Ouagadougou
Ghana — Accra
Togo — Lome
Benin — Porto Novo
Nigeria — Abuja
Cameroon    Yaoundé
Central African Republic — Bangui
Ethiopia — Addis Ababa
Somalia — Mogadishu
Kenya — Nairobi
Uganda — Kampala
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — Kinshasa
Congo — Brazzaville
Gabon — Libreville
Equatorial Guinea — Malabo
Rwanda — Kigali
Angola — Luanda
Malawi — Lilongwe
Mozambique — Maputo
Madagascar — Antananarivo
Zambia — Lusaka
Zimbabwe — Harare
South Africa — Pretoria
Tanzania — Dodoma
Botswana — Gaborone
Burundi — Bujumbura
Cape Verde — Praia
Comoros — Moroni
Lesotho — Maseru
Mauritius — Port Louis
Namibia — Windhoek
Sao Tome and Principe — Sao Tome
Seychelles — Victoria
Swaziland — Mbabane

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